Enseleni Nature Reserve

Enseleni Nature reserve consists of coastal grasslands and forest and the Nseleni river provides a freshwater habitat. There are two trails in the reserve, which offer fantastic scenery and the opportunity to experience different parts of the reserve and to spot a variety of birds and animals. The Nkonkoni trail is 7 km and the Mvubu trail is 2 km in length.

This KZN Wildlife reserve straddles the N2 with only the eastern portion accessible to the public. The reserve hold several species of large mammals and has very varied habitats including grassland, bushveld, swamp forest, riverine forest and a wide slow moving river which drains into Insesi Lake. The reserve is famous for its African Finfoot and is the premier site in RSA for this species. Other winter specials in Nseleni include Spotted Thrush, Chorister, Starred, Cape and Brown Robins. Wattle-eyed and Fan-tailed Flycatcher are seen throughout the year with Green Coucal and Scaly-throated Honey Guide resident in the same patches of forest. Southern Banded Snake-Eagle, and Pale-crowned Cisticola have been recorded.


The reserve is situated 11 km north of Empangeni on the N2 freeway. The entrance gate is on the western side of the road.